Polluted rivers, single-use plastic, disappearing wildlife, extreme weather – you’d have to be living on Mars not to have heard about the effect humans are having on the planet. It’s enough to make you stay in bed with the covers over your head, or take to drink (but please don’t, not even ours).

At Stroud Brewery, we firmly believe that, by acting together, we can reverse the damage being done, regenerate wildlife and have a healthy environment that keeps us all alive.

B-Corp since 2018

We were the first brewery in the UK to be certified as both organic and a B Corporation. The latter is a tough, global corporate standard that indicates a business is genuinely doing what it can to reduce its impact upon the environment and behave responsibly towards staff, communities and suppliers.

We were thrilled to become a B Corporation in 2018 but that’s not the end of it. We’re re-assessed every three years and, in-between, have to continue becoming more sustainable. Our most recent carbon footprint assessment showed that we’ve done virtually all we can to reduce the brewery’s carbon dioxide emissions – something we’re very chuffed about.

In fact, in 2023, we won the national title of Sustainable Pub of the Year in the Great British Pub Awards, plus the Sustainable Business Award in the SoGlos Business Awards.

All B Corporations produce an annual Impact Report outlining what they’re doing plus the previous year’s progress. You can find out more about the brewery’s environmental activities in our latest report.

Read impact report


Watch our impact report video to see all the innovative ways we’re reducing our environmental footprint and supporting our community. Get a glimpse of our journey towards sustainability and see why we’re proud to be apart of the charge.