Initially the brewery was a passion project for our founder Greg Pilley; an adventurer, environmentalist and beer lover. His purpose was simply to make great tasting beers for the local community whilst being the change he wanted to see in the business world.

Today Stroud Brewery is a thriving enterprise and our tap room has become one of Stroud’s cherished local landmarks. We make great tasting, ethical and organic beer and we create welcoming, fun social spaces.


With the beer category being so full, with so many brands, styles, flavours, trends and looks to choose from, why choose a Stroud Brewery beer? Our innovative team in the brewery have the utmost respect for our remarkable UK beer heritage. We like to think of ourselves as substance over style and we describe our beer as CLASSIC AND ‘THEN SOME’.

We make classic beers with a characteristic balance towards body and sweetness, always underpinned by our malty signature style Then we add a complimentary and unique flourish Take our flagship award winning beer, Budding – a stalwart, characterful pale ale. Amarillo hops lend a unique and complementary citrus note which lifts it above the rest.

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OUR mission

To make outstanding organic beer without damaging the planet and bring people together to inspire positive change. We believe the only way to be truly sustainable is to invest in responsible organic farming. If we don’t look after our soils through organic farming they won’t be healthy enough to feed us in 60 years. We also work hard to lower our carbon and water footprints and implement circular economy principles. See our impact report for more info.

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Our Core Value

We are relentlessly optimistic that it is possible to run a fun and successful business without undermining our integrity – we believe in BUEN VIVIR or as we say ‘HAPPINESS FOR ALL’ this core value is inspired by our founder Greg’s first-hand experience studying how indigenous peoples throughout the world co-exist in harmony with nature. It simply means rather than seeing our natural or social environments as resources to be exploited for profit, we value regenerative practices that work with nature and benefit the entire community.

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Our Motley Crew

Introducing our motley crew of innovators, enablers, artists, gastro creators and social groovers; it is their disruptive ideas and enthusiasm which makes Stroud Brewery the company we are today.