Every year we work with our Hop Club members to make Brewer’s Garden, a harvest celebration ale, brewed with fresh Fuggles and Goldings Cobb hops which are grown in our members gardens and allotments.

In spring we pot up a small number of hop plants to give to new Hop Club members one to plant and nurture.

The hop  bines are harvested in mid September and members congregate at the brewery to hand pick the cones (flowers) and enjoy a few beers. Growers who spend the day picking receive 9 pints of Brewer’s Garden for their efforts.

In a good year, we make around 5000 pints of ‘Brewer’s Garden’ and the casks are eagerly awaited by local pubs as it is one of our fastest selling beers and a fantastic way to celebrate the harvest season.

“Having a green hop beer is quite special. We make it once a year because it tastes so good. We could buy green hops from a commercial grower, but it’s a great way to get people involved with the brewery and a great community activity, a highlight of my year.” explains Managing Director, Greg Pilley.

Fancy contributing to our annual brew and earning yourself 5lts of delicious Brewer’s Garden? Email us to get involved: beer@stroudbrewery.co.uk

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