Stroud Brewery were pleased to support Tom “The Uplifter“, in his latest crowdfunded project, the production of a fantastic 10 inch record dedicated to the town of Stroud (UK) pressed on clear vinyl with an accompanying music video.

The launch of the record and first showing of the video was held at the SVA Brunel Goods Shed and supported by the youthful talent of the Mighty St John Street Youth Ska Orchestra and Komodo.

Stroud is so supportive to artists that I want to sing about it. The town and fans there have been wonderful over the years – I feel compelled to write about it.

The lyrics will feature the first moment I performed there, who was there and how I see Stroud as being a magnet for artists from all over the UK and abroad. The Stroud Valley Artspace (SVA) and the people involved have been such an inspiration to me”

 - Tom, The Uplifter

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