Celebrating Earth Day

Celebrating Earth Day

On Earth Day, Stroud Brewery asks pubs to try one green thing.

On this annual, global day reminding everyone that a healthier environment means both healthier humans and a natural world, Stroud Brewery is asking publicans to try something small to start reducing their pub’s impact on the environment. For ideas, they can turn to the brewery’s ‘Sustainability in Pubs – getting started’ guide which outlines 10 straight-forward activities which anyone can try, especially if they’ve not tried being greener before.

Since its early days, Stroud Brewery has been exploring all the possible ways it could make itself more environmentally friendlier, and is now delighted to have reached the point when it’s done virtually all it can to reduce its carbon dioxide emissions. Much of how this has been achieved is catalogued in its latest B Corporation Impact Report, published today and available on the brewery’s website to offer more inspiration to any business wanting to start on its green journey or seeking ideas to take its sustainability work further. 

The Brewery’s role call of environmental achievements includes:

  • Using 88% less gas than the industry standard
  • Using 47% less water than the industry standard
  • Buying 88% less carbon dioxide than the average brewery as it focuses on brewing cask beers which naturally carbonate in the barrel with CO2 having to be added (which isn’t the case for keg beers)
  • Using 100% renewable energy: 25% from its own solar panels with the remainder supplied by Ecotricity
  • By using organic ingredients, it’s helping farmers to increase wildlife as there can be up to 50% more plants, insects and birds living on an organic farm
  • All the water used to flush toilets in the taproom is rain collected and cleaned by the rainwater harvesting system on the brewery’s roof

Greg Pilley, founder & MD of the brewery, and his team have channelled their experience of making the brewery more environmentally friendlier into the ‘Sustainability in Pubs – an introduction’ guide available free on the brewery’s website. It lists ideas for 10, straight-forward activities that publicans can try to reduce their energy bills, and be a bit greener.

“We know from our own experience how tricky it can be to start reducing a pub’s environmental impact, especially when you don’t know anything about the whole subject. Yet we do know that many publicans want to be greener – the whole sector has been rapidly embracing sustainability in the past few years.” Said Greg.

He continued: "So, we’ve listed our 10 top tips for simple actions to start the process. Our dream is simple: we want to see all of the pub and brewing sector being greener and ‘for-the-planet’ beer available in every pub.”

The Sustainability in Pubs – getting started guide is available beyond Earth Day, on the brewery’s website as is the latest Environmental Impact Report.

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