Cracking Open a Cold One

Cracking Open a Cold One

Cracking Open a Cold One (With Mother Nature in Mind)

Cracking open a cold one after a busy day feels like a small slice of heaven, right? But have you ever paused mid-sip to think of the impact your favourite beer has on the planet? 

Fear not, because the era of guilt-free guzzling is upon us. Welcome to the green scene of responsible brewing. 

Sustainability in brewing looks at minimal environmental impact and taking social responsibility. It’s about making beer that helps preserve our planet for future generations to enjoy. 


Hopping into Sustainability 

The journey from barley to beer usually packs more chemicals than a mad scientist's lab and gobbles up energy like nobody's business. Enter our heroes, the craft breweries with sustainability on their minds and in their operations.


Recycling Rain 

Some forward-thinking brew houses are catching every drop of rain like its liquid gold. Why? Because every drop saved is a step toward greener pints. From reusing wastewater to employing advanced filtration systems, every drop counts.  

Recycled water can be used for a number of in-house operations like flushing toilets and cleaning machinery. This concept creates a closed-loop system that minimises waste and maximises efficiency. 


Sunshine in Your Pint 

Imagine this, a brewery where the sun doesn’t just shine but it also powers the pints. Breweries are testing out renewable energy sources like solar panels to reduce their reliance on unsustainable resources. Despite the UK not being known for its warm weather, solar power is still strong enough to power a whole brewery. 

Solar panels are the most useful rooftop ornaments for manufacturing with a clean conscience. This initial investment will reduce a brewery's carbon footprint and cut costs in the long run.  


Eco-Friendly Deliveries 

Beyond the brew, the road to sustainability can literally translate to how your beer arrived in your hand. Think less gas-guzzling trucks and more green fuels like HVO. Opting for cleaner fuel is often a forgotten step but it can have a huge influence on the environment. More sustainable imports help to slash emissions and give petrol the cold shoulder. The little things add up, and sustainable deliveries are no exception.  


Following Grain to Glass 

The magic in your pint is brewed with a pinch of community spirit and local love. Breweries who source ingredients from just down the road can cut down on beer miles and create long-lasting relationships with local farmers. Some are even going the "extra mile" by sourcing organic and regenerative barley. This works magically with nature to capture carbon in the soil and support wildlife in our landscapes.

Small businesses working with other small businesses is great for keeping money circling locally and boosting the economy. It’s also more personal, especially knowing that the environment has been considered.


Green Aisle Adventures 

Roaming the beer aisle can become routine, sticking to what you know and never straying from your usual choice. Instead, look out for the green cues: organic labels, B Corp badges, or a tale of sustainability told on the back label.  

These small yet significant indicators show which breweries are leading the way. Make a positive difference by trusting your green instincts when purchasing your next pint - and don't forget to recycle those bottles and cans! 


Crafting with Care 

Micro-breweries are experts in TLC - something that mass-produced competitors lack. It’s often overlooked, but each batch tells a story of quality and individuality. By choosing a local ale, you get to enjoy creative flavours and help support small businesses.  It’s always better to cheers a beer that not only tastes good but does good too.


Raising a Glass to Sustainable Sipping 

Slapping a fresh spin on 'drinking responsibly' isn't just about pacing your pints—it's about where your beer comes from and the love it’s brewed with. Choosing to go green and local with your beer-buying habits means that you're not just a customer, you're someone who’s also inspiring change. 


Written by Holly Dodd

Freelance Writer & Blogger



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