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Janne Jennison(JJMA), Ben the Brewer’s Mum, died a few years ago, leaving behind her extensive portfolio of art and printworks. She was based in Sheffield and lectured in Art & Design at Sheffield College for around a decade. Before that she taught art in various Sheffield Secondary Schools for more than twenty years. She was awarded her Master of Arts in fine art from Leeds University in 1999. Much of her work (and some shows) came through the Falmouth School of Art in the early 2000s

Artistic motivations, leanings, passions and aspirations are all centred on print. She also had an experimental approach, combining materials such as collage, text and textiles in exploring potential innovations.

All JJMA works are original, unique works in various styles of print, collage, etching and screen-prints.

Please note that some of these works are covered in protective plastic film which may be visible on some of the photographs.
Ben the Brewer can be contacted for more information on:
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